Why is my dog suddenly resource guarding?

a dog looking up at their owner standing over them with a bowl of food in the background with the caption Why is my dog suddenly resource guarding

When we think of aggressive dogs, we often think of those that are always snarling and lunging at other animals or people. But what about the dog who was once perfectly content taking treats from anyone, but now suddenly growls when someone reaches for their food bowl? This is known as resource guarding, and it … Read more

Safe Dog-to-Dog Interactions

a terrier chasing a german shepherd on a beach with the caption Safe Dog-to-Dog Interactions

Dogs are social animals and love interacting with other dogs. But it’s important to make sure that their interactions are safe, especially if they’re not familiar with each other. Here are some tips for ensuring safe dog-to-dog interactions. Contents of this article: What are safe dog-to-dog interactions? How do dogs greet each other? Introducing new … Read more

My Dog Stares At Me Creepy – Why?

adog giving the side eye with the caption My Dog Stares At Me Creepy – Why

Dogs are known for their loyalty and love of their owners, but there’s something about a dog staring at you that makes you feel a little uneasy. Is your dog trying to tell you something? Or is he just being creepy? Is he plotting how to take over the world? Contents of this article: Why … Read more

Top 10 dog breeds by intelligence

Top 10 dog breeds by intelligence

Do you know which dog breeds are the smartest? According to a study conducted by Stanley Coren, a professor of psychology at the University of British Columbia, these are the top 10 dog breeds by intelligence. Content of this article: Top ten intelligent dogs. Top 10 dog breeds by intelligence. Border Collie. Poodle. German Shepherd. … Read more

Why does my dog constantly lick me?

a golden retriever puppy licking a female face with the caption Why does my dog constantly lick me

There can be a variety of reasons why your dog constantly licks you. What does this behavior mean? And is there anything you can do to discourage it? Let’s explore some of the reasons why dogs lick their owners, and what you can do to curb the behavior if it becomes excessive. So if you’ve … Read more

How to bond with your adopted dog

a lady hugging a dog at the pound with the caption How to bond with your adopted dog

There’s no doubt that dogs make great companions, and when you adopt one, you’re opening your home up to endless hours of love and happiness. But getting to that point where your dog is completely comfortable in their new surroundings can take time. Contents of this article: How can I get my rescue dog to … Read more