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Lickimats – Your Questions Answered

A Lickimat is a great way to keep dogs of all breeds entertained. Spreading wet food on a lick mat can create a fun and rewarding enrichment activity for your dog.
two dogs lickimats spread with wet dog food with the caption lickimats questions answered

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What is a Lickimat?

A Lickimat or lick mat is a silicone mat with raised bumps or ridges. The mat is designed to be used with wet food, which can be spread on the surface of the mat. When your dog licks the mat, they will receive a small amount of the wet food with each lick.

How does a Lickimat work?

Lick mats work by encouraging your dog to lick the mat instead of gulping their food down. The act of licking is calming for dogs, and can help to reduce stress and anxiety. Licking also stimulates the production of saliva, which helps to keep your dog’s teeth and gums clean.

How do I use a Lickimat?

To use a lick mat, simply spread a thin layer of dog safe wet food on the mat. You can then give the mat to your dog, and let them enjoy the licking experience.

What type of Lickimat is suitable for my dog?

There are a few different types of lick mats available, and the right mat for your dog will depend on their size and chewing habits.

If you have a small dog, you may want to choose a mat that is made from softer silicone, so it is comfortable for them to use.

For bigger dogs, you may want to choose a mat that is made from tougher silicone or have a more rigid plastic frame as these mats are less likely to be destroyed by enthusiastic licking. These will be more durable, and will last longer before needing to be replaced.

What are the benefits of using a lick mat?

Lickimats are beneficial for both dogs and their owners. They can help to keep your dog entertained and distracted from destructive behaviors. Additionally, lick mats can help to relieve boredom and separation anxiety in dogs. Licking is a calming behavior for dogs that helps them to relax and de-stress.

How often should I give my dog a lick mat?

There is no hard and fast rule for how often you should give your dog a lick mat. You can use the mat as a treat or reward, and also to feed your dog their main meals.

What else can I use a Lickimat for?

There are lick mats available with suction on the back so you can stick them to the bathtub whilst you’re shampooing your dog- this way they are distracted and not as anxious during bathtime or grooming.

You can also put Lickimats in the fridge or freezer for a short period of time- this will make the licking experience more interesting and enjoyable for your dog on a hot day.

There are many different ways to use a Lickimat, and you can tailor the mat to your dog’s individual needs.

What to put on a dog lick mat?

If you’re looking for dog lick mat food ideas we’ve got you covered. There are a variety of things that you can put on a Lickimat, such as:

  • Treats: Small treats or kibble can be used on the Lickimat. You can either moisten these with water before smearing them onto the Lickimats or use a wet food underneath for the dried treats to stick to.
  • Peanut butter: Peanut butter is a popular Lickimat topping for dogs. It is important to choose a peanut butter that does not contain xylitol, as this can be toxic to dogs.
  • Cheese: Cheese spread or grated cheese can also be used on a Lickimat. Be sure to choose a cheese that is safe for dogs. Cream cheese is a firm favorite in our house.
  • Cooked chicken: Finely chopped, cooked chicken is another Lickimat topping that dogs love. Be sure to let the chicken cool before adding it to the Lickimat.
  • Yogurt: Plain yogurt can be used to top a Lickimat. It is important to choose a yogurt that does not contain artificial sweeteners, as these can be toxic to dogs. Yogurt can be quite runny, so it’s worth popping the Lickimat in the freezer to firm it up before giving it to your dog.
  • Wet dog food: Dog food can also be used to top a Lickimat. Be sure to choose a food that is appropriate for your dog’s age, size, and activity level.

As you can see, there are a variety of things that you can put on a lickimat. Ultimately, the best thing to put on a lickimat is something that your dog will enjoy and that will keep them entertained.

a dogs lickimat spread with wet food and kibble

Experiment with different toppings to see what your dog likes best. I put chopped up leftovers from our roast dinner on our dogs’ lickimats and they love it. Just make sure anything you put on their lickimat is safe for dogs to eat.

What to put on a lick mat for a puppy?

When choosing what to put on a Lickimat for a puppy, it is important to select an appropriate treat. Puppies have sensitive stomachs and can easily become overwhelmed if they eat too many new foods. For this reason, it is best to choose topping ideas that are easy for them to digest.

By making a large proportion of the lick mat topping based on their usual food, they are less likely to experience a runny tummy. Some good options for puppy lick mat toppings include mixing their usual food with some of the following:

  • A small amount of grated cheese
  • A small amount of finely chopped cooked chicken or turkey
  • Plain yogurt mixed with a little peanut butter

Experiment with different lickimat toppings to see what your puppy likes best. Just be sure to start with a small amount and increase the amount gradually as needed. If you notice that your puppy is having trouble digesting a certain Lickimat topping, discontinue use and consult your veterinarian.

How do I clean my dog’s lick mat?

It is important to clean your dog’s Lickimat after each use. The best way to clean a lick mat is to rinse it with hot water and soap. You can also place the lick mat in the dishwasher on the top rack.

Be sure to let the lick mat air dry completely before using it again

However you clean your lick mat, be sure to rinse well so that your dog does not ingest any detergent.

Are there any risks associated with using a Lickimat?

There are a few risks associated with using a lick mat, such as:

  • Chewing pieces off: Some dogs may try to chew pieces off the Lickimat. While the lick mat is made of food-grade silicone, it is not meant to be eaten. If your dog ingests a large piece of the lick mat, they could choke on it or experience gastrointestinal issues. Always supervise your dog with a lick mat.
  • Bacterial growth: If the lick mat is not cleaned properly after each use, bacteria can grow on it and cause your dog to become ill. This is why it is so important to clean the lick mat thoroughly after each use.

As you can see, there are a few risks associated with using a lick mat. However, these risks can be easily avoided by taking some simple precautions. If you have any concerns about using a lick mat with your dog, be sure to consult your veterinarian.

How often should I replace my dog’s lick mat?

If you notice that the mat is starting to show signs of wear and tear, it is best to replace it. Inspect your dog’s lick mat for damage on a regular basis.

You’ll wonder how you ever managed without lick mats!

Lickimats are a great way to keep dogs of all breeds out of mischief. By topping them with treats or food, you can create a fun and rewarding activity for your dog.

In conclusion, the lick mat is a great way to keep your dog entertained and mentally stimulated. Just be sure to choose appropriate toppings and to clean the mat after each use.

If you’re looking for other ways to keep your dog occupied and engaged, check out our post on how to use Kongs.

Do you have any other questions about lick mats? Let us know in the comments below!

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