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How to keep a dog playpen from moving

a puppy in a playpen with the caption How to Keep a Dog Playpen from Moving

If you have a puppy, then you know that they can get pretty excited and wiggly at times. This can make it difficult to keep their playpen in one spot, especially if you have hardwood or tile floors – so how can you stop your puppy’s playpen from wandering across the room? In this post, … Read more

Reasons to not crate train a dog

a frenchie laying in a crate with the door open with the caption reasons to not crate train a dog

There are a number of reasons to not crate train a dog which will vary from person to person. Maybe they think it’s cruel, or they’re worried their dog will be too anxious in a crate. Some people simply don’t have the time or patience to crate train their pet. In this article we’ll answer … Read more

Should I use puppy pads to potty train my puppy?

a corgi puppy asleep on a puppy pad with the caption are puppy pads a good idea?

Check out Puppy Pads for your dog at and save 35% on your first Autoship Order. It’s natural for people to want to toilet train their puppy in the quickest way possible. One of the most common things people ask me when they’re toilet training their new dog is whether they should use puppy pads. It’s … Read more