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Is Littermate Syndrome a Myth?

two cocker spaniel puppies sat on a leather chair with the caption Is Littermate syndrome a myth

Did you know that there is a phenomenon called littermate syndrome? It’s when two or more puppies are raised together and they end up developing behavioral problems. But is this really a thing? Or is it just something people say to explain away bad dog behavior? Let’s take a look at the scientific evidence and … Read more

Littermate Syndrome in Dogs

two small yorkshire terrier puppies with the caption littermate syndrome in dogs

Littermate Syndrome is an anecdotal umbrella term that refers to a range of behavioral problems which can develop when two or more puppies are raised together in the same household after 8-12 weeks of age, when they would normally be separated to go to new homes. Contents of this article: What is littermate syndrome? How … Read more

Resource Guarding in Dogs

a dog standing over something and snarling with the caption resource guarding in dogs

Resource guarding is a natural behavior that is present in most animals of any species – including humans. We all want to keep hold of our stuff! Resource guarding becomes a problem when a dog’s urge to keep people or dogs away from their prized possessions or food, and to keep hold of things, gets overamplified … Read more